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About Us


Hotel Bharatpur Palace is situated at the heart of Pushkar city on the Pushkar lake. The building originally from the 18th-century and was originally build by the Maharaja of Bharatpur. The Sharma's Family has been living here since 1940 and turned this place into a hotel in 1975. The first person was the Late. PANDIT TULSI RAM SHARMA, the Maharaja of Bharatpur donated the property to the Sharma family in 2000. Right now the hotel is run by brother and sister Dilip and Meena Sharma. They Continue the tradition of hospitality. For the guests it feels like home away from home.The hotel has many regular guests who come back year after year....!

Our Services

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner in the Room

Day & Night Restaurant

best Restaurant facalities are available here with good taste.

Camel Safari & Horse Riding

Customers can take enjoyment of camel safari and horse riding

Meena Cooking Classes

Customers can learn cooking by our cooking classes by meena.

Business Facilities

Fax/Photocopying (additional charge)

Cleaning Services

Daily Housekeeping,Ironing Service, Dry Cleaning, Laundry.


Public Transportation Tickets (additional charge)


Free! WiFi is available in the hotel rooms and is free of charge.

Motorbike rent

Here is available motorbike rent

Doctor on call

we provide doctor on call

Henna painting

we provide henna painting facality

Money Exchange

We provide money exchange facalities

Room & Tariff


  • Double Room with Shared Bathroom
  • Room Facilities:
    Shared bathroom
    Sitting area
    Free toiletries
    Shared toilet
    Private entrance
    Tile/Marble floor
    Wake-up service
    Towels/Sheets (extra fee)
    Toilet paper
  • Double Room With Bathroom
  • Room Facilities:
    Sitting area
    Private entrance
    Tile/Marble floor
    Wake-up service
    Towels/Sheets (extra fee)
    Toilet paper

    Double Room With Bathroom


    (Price :- Rs. 1,680/- (Including Breakfast + GST))

    Note-: Price 5900 rupees include GST and breakfast each night in Pushkar fair and Holi festival time

    Double Room with Shared Bathroom


    (Price :- Rs.1,344/-(Including Breakfast + GST))

    Note-: Price 4720 rupees include GST and breakfast each night in Pushkar fair and Holi festival time.


    1. Cooking Class (additional charge)

    2. Tour or Class About Local Culture (additional charge).

    3. Bike Tours (additional charge)

    4. Walking Tours (additional charge)

    5. Bicycle Rental (additional charge)

    6. Food & Drink

    7. Fruit (additional charge)

    8. Bottle of Water (additional charge)

    9. Breakfast in the Room

    10. Restaurant

    11. Good Coffee!

    12. Internet

    13. Free! WiFi is available in the hotel rooms and is free of charge.

    14. Parking-No parking available.

    Customer Says

    • “The location is possibly the best in the city - directly looking over the lake. The rooftop restaurant offers incredible views and the food was good. The old building itself is very charming and the host is kind and welcoming. The rooms are basic and clean enough for a budget stay. ”

      Alexis Daily customer

    • “Location is superb and the rooftop terrace has spectacular views of the lake and hills beyond.The whole property is spotless and staff are very attentive. Rooms are not spacious but perfectly adequate. Reception is welcoming and the owner is around to sort any problems.”

      Linda Special customer

    • “Bharatpur Palace is lovely. Perfectly located for the best view of the city, starting from the sunrise till sunset. It raise exactly on top of the Gath. Kind and welcoming staff will make you feel like at home. Meena will help you to sort anything you need.”

      Angela Recent visitor


    Contact Us

    Contact Info

    • Address : Hotel Bharatpur Palace Near the lake, Badi Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
    • Email : bharatpurpalace_pushkar@yahoo.co.in
    • Call Us : 0145-2772320
    • Whatsapp Us : +91-941-400-6120